Why Buy a New Truck?

Why Buy a New Truck?

The time has come to upgrade or replace your old work vehicle but now you have an important decision to make: new or second hand truck?

You may feel that getting a used truck means you are inheriting someone else’s problem child but not if you deal with Atchison Trucks – the top name in truck sales for Central Coast motorists.

More bang for your buck

The temptation might be to get a brand new set of wheels as you know there shouldn’t be any issues with the engine or chassis as it will be factory fresh.

It’s generally a good idea to buy new but there are some major downsides – like the price tag.

Dealers are notorious for slapping huge markups onto the base price of a vehicle when selling new and you will find they will try and hawk you all sorts of added extras that are sometimes ‘too good to refuse’.

You will walk into the dealership with one price in your head and drive out in something way out of your price range.

Buying a used truck may seem like more of a gamble in comparison but buying one from Atchison Trucks means you will be getting a refurbished vehicle as they are also experienced truck mechanics and parts suppliers.

Not only will you be getting your heavy vehicle at a greatly reduced price, you will be getting it in near-mint condition.

They also stock a wide range of models from the best manufacturers such as Mercedes and Freightliner.

Why break the bank when browsing truck sales on the Central Coast?

Retaining the value of your second hand truck

The value of a new vehicle almost halves by the time you drive it off the showroom floor but not so with a used one.

Once a truck is sold as second hand, it stays second hand and can be sold on at a similar if not exactly the same price once it comes to upgrading again.

As long as your truck is in a similar condition to when you bought it, you will be able to get almost all of your money back when selling it on.

Cheaply repair and replace parts for your vehicle

Newer models of heavy vehicle are almost entirely operated by the onboard computers and have a whole battery of electrical systems that can prove costly to repair.

The benefit of a second hand truck is that you are far more likely to get hold of parts and find mechanics that know the ins and outs of your vehicle – like Atchison Trucks!

If you want the highest quality used trucks at the best prices, look no further than Atchison Trucks, the leaders in truck sales on the Central Coast.

Give us a call on (02) 4324 3790 or visit www.acthisontrucks.com.au to see the full range of trucks on offer.