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Keeping on top of your truck or bus maintenance is as easy as booking in at Atchison Trucks. Call or email us to arrange a day that suits you. We try to accommodate your working schedule to cause minimal disruption with the best heavy diesel mechanics on the Central Coast.

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Routine Diesel Mehcnaic Truck Maintenance & Servicing

Regularly having your truck or bus serviced will help detect any early signs of part deterioration or mechanical problems, minimising your chance of breakdowns.


During routine maintenance or servicing, our heavy diesel mechanics will thoroughly inspect your vehicle or fleet. 


Each bus or truck is taken through an extensive checklist, ensuring all vital elements are checked over.


If repairs are required, we will get in contact with you, providing a quote and estimated work time.


All repairs can be completed at our West Gosford mechanical workshop by an experienced heavy diesel mechanic.


Why is routine diesel servicing important?

Routine servicing is part of owning any heavy diesel or plant vehicle. These vehicles, often weighing multiple tonnes, are extremely dangerous in the event that there is a failure or breakdown of any kind.


Servicing, therefore, is an essential part of keeping not only the vehicle safe and in a good condition, but everyone around it and the people using it. By checking the mechanical aspect of your heavy vehicles regularly, you can rest assured your team are as safe as can be.


Which industries benefit from heavy diesel mechanics?

A range of different industries benefits from making full use of heavy diesel mechanic services. These industries include, but are far from being limited to:

  • The construction industry
  • Bus and other transportation companies
  • Haulage and delivery companies
  • Waste collection services

Each of these industries is heavily reliant on large mechanical machinery for the completion of basic tasks, to the extent that failures bring the company and even entire local industries to a halt. This danger is the driving factor behind regular checkups for heavy diesel machinery.


What needs to be checked?

When going through regular servicing, our heavy diesel mechanics examine every single part of the vehicle. No matter whether it’s a part as complicated as a gearbox or as simple as a shock absorber, any failure on your vehicle causes a ripple effect, damaging the reliability and utility of your vehicle.


The finest details are key in mechanical reliability, and that’s why the team at Atchison Trucks examine everything in our quest for vehicular perfection. Your Central Coast truck will be at the highest standard with our comprehensive and thorough services.


Why Choose Atchison Trucks Diesel Mechanics?

Here at Atchison Trucks, we are proud to offer a quality service built around your needs. We accommodate your working schedule into our plans so you don’t lose any revenue, and you’ll be back on the road in no time with a truck you can trust to keep going reliably until the next service.


Give our friendly team a call today to find out more about our services, and learn all about our experts with years of experience working with trucks. For a service you can trust, turn to Atchison Trucks.