Complete Guide to Buying a New Truck

Complete Guide to Buying a New Truck

Choosing a new truck takes a lot of care and a fair bit of savvy. You need to find something that meets the needs of your business, as well as your comfort and safety requirements.

Buying a new truck – the checklist

When you’re looking to buy a new truck, it’s worth putting together a list of must-haves before you start your research, so you can be sure your new vehicle has all the features you need. Your list might look something like this:

• Fuel efficiency
• Comfort
• Safety features
• Journey length
• Working environment
• Customisation
• Technical features
• Adaptability
• Future proof technology

What to think about when buying a new truck

What will your truck be used for?

Think about the kind of things you’ll be doing day to day. Do you need something that will cope with long haul work? Something that can handle a harsh environment like a construction site such as the Actros from Mercedes Benz? Named as truck of the year, this super-strong vehicle has a host of safety systems and advanced engines that make it suitable for even the toughest work zones. If you’re looking for a long-haul steed, then you’ll find something like the Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter fits the bill – it has exceptionally comfortable seating as well as a host of technical features to make your journey as pleasing as possible.

Maximize fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency is a big deal for everyone – excessive fuel consumption will hit your profits and the pockets of everyone involved in the business. Choose something with a low tare weight like the Columbia from Freightliner and you instantly max up that all-important bottom line. If you have an eye to the future, then seeking out features like Mercedes Benz Blu-Tec technology will mean your new truck will make the most of fuel for years to come. Add in the fact that models like the Mercedes Benz Century Class CST112 have outstanding handling and a knack for getting around tight spaces and you have a truck that ticks many people’s boxes.

Where to buy your new truck

Choosing a specialist means you can be sure you’re buying from people who understand trucks and understand the difference all the little details make. Here at Atchison Trucks we’ve over 35 years of experience of working with trucks. We’re not just a sales team – we repair, renovate, and maintain trucks for countless individuals and businesses. We know the quirks of different vehicles and our in-depth knowledge means we can match the right truck to the right driver.

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