Tips To Help Your Truck Run Well In Old Age

Tips To Help Your Truck Run Well In Old Age

When you rely on your truck’s performance and reliability, quality maintenance truly does make all the difference. These simple tips can ensure you get the most out of your vehicle, even if it’s getting on in years.

Rotate the tyres

Rotating your tyres when you change your oil will allow them to wear evenly, ensuring they last longer and leading to a smoother experience on the road. Your truck’s owner’s manual will dictate how often to rotate your tyres.

Balance the tyres

While you’re having your tyres rotated, arrange a balance at the same time. Tyres naturally become unbalanced when they collide with potholes or bumps, or when they travel off-road. When tyres are unbalanced, they’re more likely to vibrate and put increased pressure on your suspension.

Check your wheel alignment

If you notice your truck pulling to one side, it’s most likely in need of a wheel alignment. Misalignment can result from high-speed travel over rough terrain and can increase wear, fuel consumption, and lead to poorer handling. A truck that’s pulling can also have unevenly-inflated tyres, or be overburdened on one side. Make sure your tyres are inflated to the same pressure and secure and spread your load evenly to present the pull.

Look after your lights

Checking your interior and exterior lights every month can help you stay on top of maintenance. Dim lighting can spell an electrical issue, and a faulty or broken light can attract a heavy fine while also proving a hazard on the road. It also helps to keep spare fuses on hand, as it will save you calling for assistance when you just need to make a simple repair.

Maintain fluid levels

Keep an eye on your engine oil, coolant and windscreen washer fluid to make sure they’re at adequate levels. When checking your oil, make sure it’s cool before taking a reading. If it’s dirty and smells, it’s time to change it. Coolant is essential to your truck, as it prevents the engine from overheating. Open the cap and adjust the levels as necessary.

Know the road

Maintenance and vehicle care will only take you so far, and keeping your truck running also requires knowing how much wear it deals with each day. If you carry heavy loads, travel off-road, or make many short trips during the day, you’re more likely to put more wear and tear on the vehicle. The particular way you use your truck will inform how frequently you’ll need maintenance, and what kind of servicing you’ll require.

Book an inspection

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