How Often Does A Truck Need An Oil Change?

How Often Does A Truck Need An Oil Change?

How Often Does A Truck Need An Oil Change?

If you have a heavy vehicle, you’ll likely be wondering what you can do to keep it running at its best. Oil changes are vital to maintaining quality performance all year round – but how often are they needed? Read on to learn more about the signs an oil change is needed and how frequently you might need to be replacing your oil.

Signs you need an oil change

Stay on top of your truck’s oil changes by checking your oil level and engine performance frequently. At the same time, you need to lookout for these key signs an oil change is needed.

  • Evidence of old, degraded oil
  • Oil sensors are lit up on your dashboard
  • Manufacturer’s or service suggestions

If you notice your oil looks sludgy, or your base level is low enough to cause corrosion, it’s important you organise a service as soon as possible. Keep an eye on your oil levels in relation to your frequency of travel – if you’re on the road more often, you’ll benefit from checking your oil more frequently. Maintenance should be carried out based on your oil level and quality, and on the other components of your engine.

Frequency of oil changes

It’s generally recommended to change your oil at least every 40,000 kilometres. Of course, if you drive on rough terrain, through varying climates, or in highly-polluted areas, you’ll need to change your oil more frequently.

Keeping your oil lasting longer

If you’re worried about the frequency at which you’re needing oil changes, there are things you can do to keep it lasting longer. Using higher-quality oil from the outset will boost your vehicle’s performance. At the same time, testing your engine regularly to make sure it keeps running at its best will lengthen the time between oil changes.

It’s also important you check your truck’s oil levels around the recommended times, as this will help you stay on top of any issues and prevent minor problems from potentially spiralling into major complications. When driving, try to travel at steady speeds over smooth terrain without pushing the engine too hard. This efficient driving style helps to limit how much oil is burnt off. Finally, make sure you schedule regular inspections with reliable, professional technicians or mechanics to make sure your truck’s components are all working as they should be.

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