What Does A Heavy Diesel Mechanic Do?

What Does A Heavy Diesel Mechanic Do?

What Does A Heavy Diesel Mechanic Do?

If your heavy machinery runs into issues, you might find yourself needing to hire a heavy diesel mechanic. What exactly do these mechanics do and how are they different from the regular mechanics who service your car? Read on – we’ve put together this guide with all you need to know about these heavy machinery specialists.

Heavy vehicle specialists

Heavy diesel mechanics specialise in working with heavy machinery and other vehicles. These might include trucks, trailers, buses, earthmoving and mining equipment and machinery. In addition to regular mechanics knowledge, a heavy diesel mechanic understands the particular workings of heavy vehicles and what issues they might run into.

A broad skill set

The work of a heavy diesel mechanic is usually hands-on and very practical. Manual work and large jobs are all part of their day-to-day workload. Given the broad nature of heavy machinery and vehicles, heavy diesel mechanics might find themselves working in a range of environments. They’re required to understand the problem, consider any solutions, and plan ahead to put these solutions and implementations in place. Their work often requires mathematical calculations, and they of course need to carry a high level of mechanical knowledge and skill to deal with the specifications of heavy machinery and vehicles.

Repairs, maintenance and more

Heavy diesel mechanics don’t just repair your heavy vehicle’s engine. They also need to know how fuel, electrical and hydraulics systems operate, and to understand the deeper workings of heavy machinery. At the same time, they’ll need to quickly diagnose and problem-solve if faced with damage, wear, failure or emergencies. Heavy machinery work can be quite strenuous, as it can involve disassembling vehicles or machinery, conducting inspections, rebuilding vehicles and equipment, and doing test drives.

Specialised training for specialised work

These professionals come with the training and knowledge needed to work on heavy machinery and vehicles. As such, you’re in far better stead engaging a heavy diesel mechanic for your heavy vehicle or machinery maintenance, repairs or assessments than you are enlisting a regular mechanic for the job. Thanks to their training and experience, a heavy diesel mechanic will likely have seen it all before and will be in a better position than a regular mechanic to identify issues and present solutions and recommendations.

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