Looking for a Truck Mechanic Near You?

Looking for a Truck Mechanic Near You?

Atchison Trucks is just 7 minutes from the Pacific Highway at the Central Coast. We know the beauty of having an auto mechanic near you when you need one.

For more than 35 years, we’ve been supplying and repairing trucks and buses. And our Central Coast customers appreciate us being close at hand.


Quick Response

When you’re a bus or truck driver, it’s a costly business if your vehicle is forced off the road by a mechanical problem. When it comes to the crunch, nothing beats having a local mechanic around.

The sooner your vehicle gets moving again, the better, whether you’re working on someone else’s clock or self-employed.

Every minute you’re not driving, you’re losing money. The knock-on effect is stress for you and your family.

At Atchison Trucks, our West Gosford location means we can reach all parts of the Central Coast area very quickly. Add to that, we supply top quality parts and the best expertise. And just so you know, ours is a 24/7 repairs service.


Solid Base

Atchison Trucks is an authorised repairer and a dealer for most major bus and truck manufacturers. Dealing with all the trusted companies means we have ready access to spare parts and it also means our expertise is always up to date.

Along with a huge range of spare parts, we even source and sell second-hand trucks.

If you are in the Central Coast, you not only have an auto mechanic near you—expert fitters who can diagnose, fix and replace parts quickly and efficiently—we are also mobile. All you need to do is phone us.

Perhaps you’ve noticed a problem that is not urgent but still need fixing? Book an appointment at our workshop. Guaranteed you won’t be stuck in our workshop for a second longer than necessary!


Find Out More

For an expert Central Coast auto mechanic near you who can fix heavy vehicles fast, add the following to your phone’s contact list now: Atchison Trucks +61 2 4324 3790.


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