Heavy Diesel Mechanic Central Coast

The Central Coast's Trusted Heavy Diesel Mechanics

Keeping on top of your truck or bus maintenance is as easy as booking in at Atchison Trucks. Call or email us to arrange a day that suits you. We try to accommodate your working schedule to cause minimal disruption with the best heavy diesel mechanics on the Central Coast.

Red Truck - Truck Repairs & Services Central Coast, NSW

Routine Truck Maintenance & Servicing

Regularly having your truck or bus serviced will help detect any early signs of part deterioration or mechanical problems, minimising your chance of breakdowns.


During routine maintenance or servicing, our heavy diesel mechanics will thoroughly inspect your vehicle or fleet. 


Each bus or truck is taken through an extensive checklist, ensuring all vital elements are checked over.


If repairs are required, we will get in contact with you, providing a quote and estimated work time.


All repairs can be completed at our West Gosford mechanical workshop by an experienced heavy diesel mechanic.