Commonly Repaired Problems with Diesel Trucks

Commonly Repaired Problems with Diesel Trucks

Diesel trucks are one of the main road users on the Central Coast.

They provide essential services for communities throughout the region.

Diesel itself is coming under more scrutiny than ever as a fuel.

If you run a diesel truck regularly, you’ll know the particular problems typical of a diesel engine.

To keep your business on track, you need to stay on top of your vehicle with a visit to Atchison Trucks.

We have a mobile repair service for call-outs, as well.

As a trusted mobile diesel mechanic that Central Coast drivers come back to, we know the problems most diesel drivers face.

Oil Problems

Diesel oil’s specially designed make-up gives it some unique properties.

One of these is that it suffers if it stands still too long.

Its main weakness is that it can be infused with oxygen.

Oxidised oil is the most common problem with diesel trucks.

Because of its structure, diesel oil is prone to oxidisation if it stays still for too long.

Outside air pressure eventually forces oxygen into the mix, which causes bubbles.

These are extremely small bubbles, but they have a massive effect on how diesel oil works.

Air bubbles in diesel keep the oil separate from working surfaces.

This means that interior metal gets worn because it is not properly lubricated.

Every time one of your pistons moves up and down your cylinder, damage is done.

This causes extremely high wear and tear.

Oxidised diesel oil causes damage which costs businesses on a huge scale.

Your engine may work, but oxidised oil damages it every time it turns over.

This can mean writing off your vehicle altogether before it becomes unroadworthy.

Black Exhaust

Black exhaust is something that most diesel drivers will be familiar with.

So will many drivers sitting behind the wheel of diesel engine vehicles.

As a mobile diesel mechanic on the Central Coast, we deal with a lot of black exhaust.

Although it is often simple enough to cure, black exhaust causes a lot of problems.

Apart from environmental pollution, black exhaust can cost you a lot of money in fines.

It is a result of the wrong mixture of air to fuel, which happens with diesel jets inside engines.

They are designed to inject specific amounts of fuel on every turn, and if they don’t, it causes trouble.

As diesel is poisonous, black exhaust could mean you breathe in poisoned air while you drive.

It is certainly a sign your diesel engine needs maintenance.

This could take minutes and save you from all sorts of problems.

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